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Compression springs

Completely customised design

GRUEBER develops and manufactures coiled tension springs exactly the way the customer needs them. Our goal is to contribute to achieving the best possible results in the context of product development and customer projects. To do so, we rely on the comprehensive expertise of our experienced designers for spring dimensioning and design.

If it is not defined, we specify the material as wire or rod with the respective circumference. We define the spring geometry, including coil diameter and the number of coils as well as all of the parameters significant for static or dynamic use.


Moreover, we offer cold-formed or hot-formed springs with various spring ends as well as linear or progressive spring characteristics. By request, we label the springs, e.g. by stamping them with the company logo and delivery year.

Basic dimensions of GRUEBER coiled tension springs:

Wire thickness: 2 to 25 mm
Rod diameter: 18 to 65 mm

Tension springs

Anything is possible

GRUEBER tension springs and coiled tension springs are used in a wide variety of industries: from vehicle construction and agriculture to machine and equipment construction. The springs – coil-shaped, wound torsion springs without pitch, or distance between the coils – are designed with regard to tensile load. Based on our experience and expertise and by using various materials, wire diameters (from 2 mm), coil diameters, etc., we can customise the springs precisely for the respective application.


One special type of tension spring is the GRUEBER HIFO spring. HIFO stands for high initial force or high pre-load. Especially if high initial forces are required, the length of the spring can be significantly reduced in comparison with conventional tension springs. The benefit: with the HIFO spring, customers can save space in construction and minimise the risk of spring fracture. We are currently the only manufacturer on the market that produces HIFO springs with wire diameters up to 9.25 mm.

Torsion springs

Many, many application options

Leg springs, or rotational springs, absorb torque under load, which they then release when the load is removed. This makes them versatile stores of power. In this spring segment, GRUEBER has an extensive product portfolio, which also includes double-leg springs. By using a wide variety of spring steel wire (from a thickness of 2 mm), various leg settings, spring stiffnesses, spring capacities, etc., it is easy to access many standard solutions.


This means that in addition to reliable GRUEBER quality, customers also benefit from maximum flexibility. If a situation is not covered by a standard solution, we create a customised one. We create spring solutions based on drawings, sketches, CAD specifications or samples. Or our designers develop completely new, special leg springs, which we are also happy to produce in series or large series.

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Bent parts

Standard plus special solutions

We produce GRUEBER bent parts with a wide variety of geometries in a free bending process or with tools. Our portfolio includes two-dimensional or three-dimensional bent parts, harrow tines, cotter pins, wire bent parts or tines made of a wide variety of materials. Due to their precise design and high quality, GRUEBER bent parts are used in many different industries: from automotive and agriculture to machine and equipment construction.


We also enjoy using our bending expertise and appropriate machines to develop and manufacture special solutions. Based on our experience, we customise their functions and properties precisely to match the respective application.

Wire thickness: From 5 mm

Buffer springs

With the lowest space requirements

GRUEBER buffer springs or volute springs made of flat material, absorb high static loads reliably over the long term. The crucial advantage is the low space requirement due to the spring’s compact design with low spring deflection. For a wide variety of applications, particularly in machine construction, we offer a wide selection with dimensions of 40 × 4 mm to 200 × 20 mm.


In addition to our extensive product range, we manufacture special solutions with respect to various standards and lists. Because standard buffer springs are not designed for ongoing, dynamic loads, we also offer special designs in which we implement a pitch (distance between the coils) that enables nearly friction-free function.

Note: spring force deviation: +30 per cent/–20 per cent.
We can realise deviations of less than 20 per cent in series of 100 pieces or more.

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