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Only the music may swing.

The Elbphilharmonie (also called “Elphi” by the locals) was completed in November 2016 and opened in January 2017. The concert hall in Hamburg was planned with the aim of creating a new landmark for the city and a “cultural monument for everyone”. Rising 110 metres above Hamburg’s HafenCity district, the building is located on the banks of the Norderelbe between the mouths of the Sandtorhafen and Grasbrookhafen docks. The brick body of the former Kaispeicher A warehouse, built in 1963, was incorporated into the building. It provides the base on top of which a modern structure with a glass façade resembles sails, water waves or a quartz crystal.
The concept of the concert hall is based on an idea by Hamburg project developer Alexander Gérard. Design and planning of the Philharmonic Hall were largely the work of architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron. The building was constructed by Hochtief. On behalf of our partner GERB, we developed precision springs for complete elastic suspension and isolation of the 2 concert halls to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the environment. In particular, vibrations from ships and from the nearby underground must not be transmitted to the building, let alone the concert halls. For only the music may swing here.

Elbphilharmonie concert hall, Hamburg

Elastic bedding of
2 concert halls
(room-in-room solutions)


Compression springs

120 compression springs with  a wire diameter of
04 – 25 mm and a rod diameter of up to 65 mm

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