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Dialogue as a knowledge portal.

Due to the current worldwide pandemic, these events unfortunately had to be reduced somewhat. Digital services should provide a substitute here and keep up the dialogue.


So far the GRUEBER events have always been well attended. In the future, a lot of this will probably shift to the digital world.


These Technology Forums usually deal with innovative technologies, new production possibilities, but also new market requirements. The last event in November 2019, for example, focused on surface treatment and maintenance in addition to production technology impulses. In this context, our managing director Matthias Nettmann gave an exciting presentation on calculation and quality assurance for springs – a topic that is becoming more and more relevant for the current high-speed trains. “The exchange and direct discussion with partners and specialists of all trades creates knowledge and synergies from which all participants of the events profit sustainably. They notice this in an increase in efficiency in their day-to-day project work,” says Mr. Nettmann about the success of the events. “We hope that with the coming fairs at the latest we will be able to maintain more personal contacts again,” says Ralf Jaenicke, the sales manager. With the revision of ISO 9001, the international standards commission has also underlined the relevance of expert knowledge with the demand for a systematic approach to knowledge.


The importance of extensive knowledge and experience on the manufacturer’s side becomes clear when one realises, according to Nettmann, that “springs with their actual load guidelines and guiding functions cannot be calculated according to applicable standards and cannot be reliably calculated for their service life.” These parts are among the components in the vehicle that are subjected to maximum static and dynamic loads. International ISO requirements, such as strategically oriented quality and process management, are therefore just as much a part of the priority parameters in spring development and production as project experience, reliability and safety. In the end, human lives depend on it and no effort should be too great for us.

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