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Our boss turns 60 and says thank you!

Despite his successful career and his status as owner, Matthias Nettmann is characterised by his likeable and exemplary down-to-earth and realistic nature. This trait also keeps him at eye level with the employees, who thank him with special commitment and loyalty. The “We” feeling, a feeling of togetherness which is not only theoretical, but a lived reality at GRUEBER, is also a result of this down-to-earth attitude. At the end of the day, this leads to quality products which reflect the motivation of the team of employees. “For me, it’s actually nothing special to thank the most important people in my professional environment and buy them a drink sometimes. It is the least we can do for each other and a small token to express my appreciation for our team. Without this team, GRUEBER would not be what it is today and I would probably celebrate my milestone birthday differently,” Matthias Nettmann says about this friendly and unusual action. The GRUEBER employees enjoyed the welcome lunch break with free food and were very happy about this small gesture of appreciation.


‘Paulchens Dampfgrill’ from Hagen serves the GRUEBER employees local specialties for Mr. Nettmann’s birthday during the “surprise lunch break” at GRUEBER.

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